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The Potential Power of Wisdom Principled Ideas will be realized only when effectively spread via mass media nationally and globally, these ideas automatically produce broad based multifaceted Common Wealth Public Good that mutually benefits in many ways everyone it reaches or, eventually touches. The right kind of knowledge based information empowers people and economies...

The main purpose of an economic plan is to expand the economy and the GDP in the areas that are of 'mutual benefit to everyone' as well as to planet earth.

 This is an Explanation of 'HOW' all Democrats could help regenerate our national as well as the global economy solving our core economic, financial and budget deficit problems…!  

The Potential Power of Wisdom Principled Ideas will be realized only when effectively spread via mass media nationally and globally, these ideas automatically produce broad based multifaceted Common Wealth Public Good that mutually benefits in many ways everyone it reaches or, eventually touches. The right kind of knowledge based information empowers people and economies like nothing else...!

The new economic model involves profit-sharing at a proper level with business and industry employees, the end result is that all of our major financial and economic budget deficit problems are solved due to the increased purchasing power of the employee sector. This greatly increases the volume of sales of products and services which then allows the companies to lower the unit price of their product or service and still make a much greater bottom-line profit. It also increases all tax revenue levels; sales tax & income tax revenues to a point where our financial and budget deficit problems become surpluses. This is the wise way to be able to lower individual tax rates and yet have surplus budgets...The money multiplier also kicks-in with every additional transaction...!

We are not wisdom principled in our futuristic thinking and planning. There is very little wisdom incorporated in our mass communications in America or globally.

The Potential Power of Wisdom Principled Ideas will be realized only when effectively spread via mass media nationally and globally, these ideas automatically produce broad based multifaceted Common Wealth Public Good that mutually benefits in many ways everyone it reaches or, eventually touches. The right kind of knowledge based information empowers people and economies like nothing else...!

Ways to get the Democratic Party's potential new capitalism model of Profit-Sharing off the ground and up running using tax cut incentives:

In addition to Democrats and Independents explaining fully in the media how business and industry will profit more when they share their profits (Profit-Sharing) at an appropriate level with their employees, - because this will greatly increase the demand-side of the economy and therefore greatly increase the volume of product and service sales and thus increase their bottom line profits at a level where they can actually reduce the unit price of their products & services, which also helps to increase the volume of sales.

 Therefore, sales tax revenues and income tax revenues will greatly increase shifting our deficit budgets to surplus budgets whereby some of that money can be used to rebuild the infrastructure and to reduce the threat of climate change.

  Everyone will have more money with which to make their homes and other buildings more energy efficient along with their air-conditioning systems making it possible to transition to clean, very low-cost, renewable solar and wind power.

***Then the legislatures need to pass tax incentives whereby when they profit-share at a proper level they will receive a proper tax rate reduction. They will end-up having more net profit but with a much lower tax rate; this is a KEY Incentive along with increased sales volume profits...!

This new model of capitalism will help safeguard the future for future generations, and will solve our national and when applied globally it will solve our global economic problems and bring about a new era of win-win Commonwealth for nearly everyone. It is the economic math equation that works...!

'Only the right ideas' will have the potential to solve our economic and budget deficit problems and preserve our planet earth and a decent future for humanity.

Our existing cheap labor and automation policies will never fix our national and global economic and budget deficit problems; however, this new model of capitalism has the potential to begin to solve all of our existing problems that were created due to an inadequate capitalism model that will never have the potential to solve the problems that must be solved if humanity is to have a future on this planet earth.

I have explained in detail the right model of capitalism that will begin to solve our economic problems and yet the Mass Media, Economists', Labor Unions, Democrats, Independents and the Green Party; none of them have picked up on this new basic core capitalism solution to our national and global economic and deficit problems. Until this basic solution is explained in detail to all of humanity possible there will be no decent distant future for anyone on planet earth; your descendants included.

Yes, it is very simple once explained in detail but up until now it has never been explained by political parties or anyone in a way that the average person can understand and begin to believe in and effectively act on. We are talking about a Future for humanity "Here on Earth."

Our elected representatives and political pundits in the mass media all articulate the problems, however, they never articulate the real workable solutions; I cannot be the only person who articulates the cost-free workable solutions…?


Both major political party members blame each other for the problems we have, however, no-one in either party articulates the real workable solutions. Those solutions exist and they must be articulated effectively in the mass media so that the private sector is motivated to do what will solve our global economic problems; deceptive rhetoric will never solve our problems.


We are being deceived by the floating of false solutions which will never generate the tax revenue that we must have to balance our budgets, or better yet, have surplus budgets so we can begin to rebuild our infrastructure and deal with climate change.


This Cheap labor model of capitalism whereby businesses only want cheapest labor possible in order to generate short-term quarterly profits that they can invest in their own stocks, this model of capitalism for many reasons is destined to fail. This short-term greed shrinks the economy and greatly reduces tax revenues from all sources, thus destroying any countrys economy


It is destined to fail because automation and robotics will replace many employees and their earnings, employee earnings are what powers the consumer demand side of the economy which is the only way possible that the business sector can expand.


The working class sector is what made it possible to build America and our economy to its present level, when you reduce the earning power and purchasing power of the working class this automatically shrinks the economy to a failure point level, which should never happen because the business sector profits also fall - leading to major economic disastrous depressions. The value of the dollar and other currencies could fall leading to the horrible economic situation requiring a wheelbarrow of money to purchase even your groceries.


All our political representatives have to do is articulate an explanation of how sharing their profits to an adequate level will both profit them much more and solve our economic problems without the passage of any legislation. However, any tax cuts to the business sector ought to be predicated on an adequate level of profit sharing with their employees because this will solve our economic problems and make our stock markets and financial sectors stable and sound again.


The problem I have is that I cannot get a single elected representative to articulate and explain this creative solution to all of our major core economic problems. What is their problem, are they afraid of the corporations, are they afraid to articulate the solution and save our economy and environment for over 7 billion human beings on planet earth; I question their motivations and lack of apparent integrity…!

The Hillary Clinton Democratic mentioned plan of business and Industry ‘Profit Sharing’ was never fully articulated - thereby increasing wage levels and therefore purchasing power toward greatly increasing the demand-side economy would have created profitable multifaceted mutual economic benefits for everyone, including business and industry, while solving the core economic financial and budget deficit problems and turning budget deficits into budget surpluses; however those mutual benefits were never properly explained, therefore, the Idea was totally meaningless, causing Democrats to lose elections...!

This will not be the regular profit sharing plan; this will be figured in a different manner whereby all of business and industry will be motivated to participate. If the Democrats were elected to control the U.S. House and Senate then there could be income tax incentives to engage in profit sharing. Those not engaging in a proper profit sharing program would have huge high tax rates to deal with, but those who engaged in proper profit sharing would have much lower tax rates, whereby, it would be advantageous to engage in profit-sharing.

Trump’s $4.4 trillion tax cut only mainly helps those who already have sufficient income to buy products and services that they want and need, therefore, ‘the other over half of the employee wage earners’ will not see any benefit to their purchasing power and therefore the economy will not be expanded, and Trump would need at least a 4% GDP annual increase to help pay for that gigantic upper-income tax cut which would put the economy at a huge risk…!

The whole problem with the Democratic proposals is the reality that they never do 'a Full-Spectrum Explanation' all the tremendous benefits of their proposals; if you do not explain in totality all of the tremendous benefits of your proposals, not only in the private sector economy but also in the public sector economy, then your proposals are ‘not’ going to win you any votes or elections.

Let’s look at ‘Profit Sharing’ since the 2008 economic crash had business and industry been ‘adequately sharing’ their Record Profits with their employees the economy would’ve grew at a tremendous rate and business and industry would have increased their bottom line profits due to a greatly increased demand-side volume of sales of products and services. No inflation, because when sales are way up you can reduce unit prices, while still profiting more…

You cannot cheat labor and get away with it…!
Republicans believe you can cheat labor…!

There is absolutely no risk for the private sector when they ‘adequately share’ their profits with their employees; ‘the reality is’ that they will increase their bottom line profits while expanding the economy and greatly increasing sales tax revenues and income tax revenues which end-up creating surplus budgets, which can then be used to rebuild the infrastructure and also then people have money to make their homes more energy efficient and to make their heating and air-conditioning systems and duct systems far more efficient so they can transition to zero cost clean renewable energy moderating the gigantic future cost of climate change.

 This is a win-win all the way around, everybody wins and at the same time we help reduce the tremendous cost threat of climate change. I could explain in detail a whole lot of other benefit areas and how when this is expanded globally it will create a beneficial future for the over 7 billion human beings and counting on planet earth.

 Once Democrats and Economists ‘fully explain these mutual benefits’ to business and industry and they begin to adopt adequate profit sharing - creating increased purchasing power for their employees they can then try to get the $15 hour minimum wage passed because it will even further benefit the economy and business. That also needs to be explained in a ‘full spectrum way’ and not in the halfway that Democrats have explained it.

I could explain much further, but you probably didn’t read even this far; if Democrats do not begin to explain enough in detail the mutual benefits of their economic wage proposals they will lose a lot of election races that they should have WON...!

Come on Democrats, it doesn’t make any difference who I am; what counts is that the ideas are right and will work, it is your job to communicate these facts and realities in mainstream media so that everyone will understand how employee demand-side economics 101 works to solve our core economic, financial, and budget deficit problems; including most of our other major problems.

RIGHT IDEAS when effectively communicated in Mainstream Media will always make all the difference in the World for All of Humanity…!

 Darrell Udelhoven   

It is critically important for everyone's future worldwide that our national and global mass communication media (MCM) provide high utility value information to the public that they can put to valuable use in their lives; however, that is a very rare occurrence in both broadcasting and print media.
It is very important for you to listen to this WPR Ideas Network program on
the importance of altruism/idealism; consider; The Holy Bible and ALTRUISM and a Balanced Stable ECONOMY BR: 01-22-2015; Posted 01-24-2015 

There is very little wisdom incorporated in our mass communications media content in America or globally. We are not wisdom principled in our futuristic thinking and planning. We don’t think in terms of the wise use of our mass media broadcasting technology resources; therefore, we use very little of its potential to empower the people with the kind of knowledge they need to create a prosperous decent future. For example, high profit companies are beginning to realize that if they pay their employees higher wages that will increase their purchasing power and fuel the demand-side of the economy, thereby increasing everyone's profits.

This would also greatly increase income tax revenue, which would help balance budgets and provide money to begin to do infrastructure restoration which again would expand the economy and create more good paying jobs. This is a workable way to bypass the Republican Congress and by working through the media educate and motivate the high profit companies to increase wages. Everything is done by the private sector and when they act in their own best interest everyone wins.

What we have now is a deadlocked media overloaded with Republicans fighting everything Democrats propose, thus, not nearly enough of value is getting accomplished within neither the public or private sectors, our mass communication media (MCM) has been totally ineffective... the policy of cutting wage benefits to increase stock values is shrinking the per capita household purchasing power, therefore the critically important Demand-Side of every economy. That also broadens the tax revenue base and does the opposite of what Republicans in Washington D.C. want. The public has to be educated on Economics 101...Democrats could do some educating with their campaign ADS; cheap labor greatly reduces the critically needed Demand-Side of every economy... .

In order to solve our most pressing global energy costs, & costly climate change problems, along with rebooting our economy solely within the Private Sector, economic success will depend primarily on how effectively Progressive Political Party leaders along with well organized grass-roots progressives speak to these actionable energy based solutions. There will be very little resistance to such Ultra High Return On Investment
(ROI) strategies that safeguard everyone's future. Aaron Hurst, Author, "The Purpose Economy" Videos found: 08/13/14

“Every great achievement begins simply as an idea. It just takes one person, any person, with the fortitude to turn a belief into reality. Visionary people know success and courage are complementary." August 2013, Issue of my Angus Journal, page 16, “Movin' Forward” by Bryce Schumann, American Angus Association CEO.
All Democrats need to 'bypass congress and go directly to the people through the mass media' to achieve these most critically important economic and energy efficiency goals, - without the use of tax payer's money.

Consider what the most Economic Empowering Role of Elected Representatives and the Mass Media at all Levels at all Times ought to be for sustaining and improving America's and our Global Economic Future Wellbeing.

It is to educate the private sector concerning how to determine what the best investments and uses are ("without the use of public tax money") of all available existing resources.

Those resources especially include all forms of effective global mass communications and how all those media forms can be motivated to interact in ways that multiply their benefits to all sectors, both public and private of our national and global economies.

When locating and evaluating all the resources that are available for private sector economic development and expansion, we need to determine the most optimally effective, efficient use of each resource.

Then it is absolutely necessary to use all forms of mass media to communicate how those ideas and policies, "without the use of public tax money," will cost-effectively solve a multiplicity of our most pressing national and global problems including that of climate change.

***Yes we have the needed private sector resources, including the investment money, all we need is to educate the public, via the mass media, concerning the best and safest Return On Investment (ROI) on those investments which includes raising wages across-the-board which greatly increases the demand-side volume of sales resulting in real increases in bottom-line profits, whereby unit prices could even be reduced. Both income & sales tax revenues would thus be greatly increased resulting in budget surpluses on a global bases. Then the infrastructure can be restored & updated to present & future needs while people will have money to do much needed Energy Efficiency work and thus have the ability to transition to clean Renewable energy sources.

*There resides Trillions of dollars of profits in the private corporate sector;" some of which can be invested in the safest & best (ROI) Return On Investment, that of 'Raising Wages to a proper level' to actually increase business profits while solving the global economic & budget financial problems.

All of this Buying Power can be greatly increased by raising wages across-the-board: According to December 2012, P-40, of Contracting Business.com - magazine; the Baby Boomer generation born between 1946 & 1964, at only 25% of our population, 'alone' have an annual buying power of $3.4 Trillion; then there is the Gen Xers (1965 to 1976) at 20% of our population; plus Gen Y'ers (1977 to 1993) at 25% of America's buying age population.
Add them all up & that is plenty of investment money buying power, providing they are educated to prioritize with wisdom their energy sector investments, which will reboot the economy & return America to increased per-capita tax revenue fed budgets that can be used to rebuild the infrastructure, further stimulating the economy.

For those needing a small loan, we can 'amortize' very low interest rate private sector sourced Micro-loans for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Investments so that the monthly savings more than pays for the energy efficiency & renewable energy sector improvements! This would solve a multiplicity of costly economic problems while increasing total tax revenues thus reducing deficits, - "at NO cost to tax payers."

I have worked in the HVAC field since before the mid-1970s & realize the terrible energy inefficiencies that exist in that critically important arena. Corporate money along with that private sector household money needs to be wisely invested in real energy efficient projects that will solve a multiplicity of our problems.

An effective tax incentive to foster involvement by the extremely high income brackets, could be to allow deductions directly from their income for those who invested in energy efficiency, or energy efficiency purposed bonds or, provided 1% or less interest loans for energy efficiency & renewable energy projects.

President Obama in his (02/12/2013) State Of The Union speech mentioned implementing trade skills into High School curriculum. We need Home & commercial building Energy Efficiency Auditing, along with up to date HVAC energy efficiency skills training taught in H.S.; our HVAC trade is horribly deficient in respect to proper efficiency protocol...major retraining of all techs is needed.

Those with a lot of wealth & money can provide, everywhere throughout our country, Energy Efficiency instruments for anyone to rent so they can put their acquired skills to effective work.

Every home & building needs to be audited & brought up to a proper standard of efficiency. We can only do that when H.S. students are taught those efficiency trade skills so they can enter the work force when they graduate.

Idea Solutions do exist, however, political leaders have to accept and champion those Ideas and constantly speak-up in the media concerning those MUTUAL WIN-WIN IDEAS.

Michael Copps former FCC chairman was a guest on WPR The Ideas Network today Monday 2/10/14 at the 8-am hour. This is a terrific program; go to my broadcast pages for much more on HOW Broadcasters' can help to reboot the economy. Archive: http://bit.ly/1iGNwpP

Rather than spending all their time and efforts attacking the other political party trying to gain political advantage, elected representatives ought to be searching for and developing ideas to expand economies in the areas of most need, ideas that do not require deficit government investments but that return huge tax revenues that reduce budget deficits and turn them into budget surpluses. ---

The most critically important issue facing us in America and globally is the 'low wages' that high profiteering companies are paying their employees; which strangles the demand-side of all economies.

Motivating globally the business sectors to pay wages that greatly increase employee purchasing power will increase and stabilize business profits. The increase in sales and services in America and globally would also help stabilize global stock markets where a lot of money is on the table to be lost or, increased in value.

Increased employee earnings translates into greatly increased tax revenues including increased sales tax revenues solving, at all levels, budget deficit problems and providing seed-money toward infrastructure restoration; further expanding the economy and good jobs. Then there is the Energy Efficiency good jobs transitioning to clean, low cost, renewable energy sources.

This is the winning issue that Republicans cannot effectively counter.
Come-On Democrats; get cracking...!

President Obama,

The right kind of useful mass communicated knowledge transitions to human economic empowerment.

With the November elections on the horizon all Democrats should be citing economics 101 realities that low employee wages lowers the per capita earning power and purchasing power of the demand-side of the economy, this shrinks the economy and develops a downward spiral that has the potential to eventually lead to global economic and many stock market collapses.

Increasing wages so that employees have more real earnings and purchasing power broadens the per capita demand-side of the economy which benefits all corporations along with big and small businesses of all kinds that have anything to sell. This Demand-Side expansion will normally require hiring more employees, thus further expanding the economy.

Additionally, increasing wages also broadens the per capita tax revenue base greatly increasing tax revenues which would help reduce the deficits caused by dirt cheap labor which does the opposite, cheap labor shrinks the tax base and does not provide the opportunity toward lowering the deficit.

Taxpayers subsidize those cheap labor practices with food stamps and heating and air-conditioning help because many corporations do not pay enough in wages for the employees to even meet their basic routine monthly expenses.

All Democrats in a united cause must PROVE their case in the MEDIA concerning the importance of corporations being willing to use some of their huge profits to fuel an increased demand-side economy rather than merely using the additional profits to increase their market shares on Wall Street.

All corporations should be supporting Democrats in nearly every election because their ideas and their policies will help restore the economy to a higher demand-side level--whereby everyone benefits economically.

We must have a 180 flip from dirt cheap labor practices to increased per capita earnings for most low wage employees or, much of the global economy and the stock markets will eventually flop and collapse. (180 Democratic upward Flip economy or a low wage Republican Flop downward? -- your Vote in November 2014 will decide which way 'you' want to go!)

We also need a lot more tech job skill education 'especially in all high schools' along with colleges, also businesses ought to engage in a lot more job skill training practices.

 GLOBAL ECONOMIC POLICIES |   The Real Political Issues | *click BROADCASTING & MASS MEDIA IDEAS - Split-screen frames in my IE 11 not working - works in other browsers 

We need all possible elected political representatives and political candidates to champion these common people empowering IDEAS in ALL Media.
For many years I have been advocating entrepreneurial and employment technical knowledge skills in High School curriculum & also in our mass media; come-on school boards get with the future energy efficiency/renewable energy economy. These same energy efficiency ideas can be used for expanding more rapidly the Renewable Energy Sector, because our buildings and HVAC systems have to become efficient before renewable energy can be used.

It is past time to 'definitively explain how' our mass-communication resource 'ways & means' can be effectively used toward rapidly expanding knowledge and skills critically needed in critically important economic sectors, solely within the private sector, by effectively communicating the high Return on Investment & developing the requisite job skills in all the available ways possible to High School students & also to all those needing retraining, for example, in the Home & small-business 'building' Energy Efficiency and Renewable Ernergy Sectors. This is by far the fastest way to lift the poor out of poverty & into the middle & top quintiles of middle class incomes. I can explain why this is an almost endless creator of entrepreneurial business economic expansion plus good job income creation opportunities.

Everyone has a stake in helping to make these Existing Resource based IDEAS Work within the Energy Efficiency Private Sector economy; I will show you IN DETAIL HOW & WHY these Ideas will help stabilize the Stock Market & reduce the future COST RISE of Climate Change & that of polluting fossil fuel energy sources. All of media's bottom lines will be greatly improved...!
MSNBC Documentary ENERGY EFFICIENCY -Short Videos; click previews "The Politics of Power"

This will reduce the total costs of using increasingly costly fossil fuels,
while NOT using any of your tax money; these entrepreneurial created businesses & jobs will greatly increase gross tax revenues while reducing deficits at all levels down to county & city levels. We must have a Re-education of everyone connected to Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy resource development in America & globally...everyone is connected. Best ROI Investment or Lose the Investment money annually

This MN Public Radio audio is not on Energy Efficiency (EE), however, we can expand the EE economy so everyone with those High School jobs and business creating skills can move into a job or start a small Energy Efficiency business.
MN Public Radio - H.S. Job Skills

This work is about WHY "We The People" need to get our elected political leaders, including broadcasting content producers, to collaborate toward spreading these new Wisdom Principled people empowering Ideas that will reduce the economic uncertainty concerning future un-affordable oil & other fossil fuel price costs, which could shut-down our entire global economy. We need effective political leaders with people centered action based economic workable idea based strategies; nothing of value happens until an idea is born & nourished.

Our elected leaders must reach into our local communities with economic-expanding actionable-ideas; that is what I advocated with my call to "The Ideas Network of Wisconsin Public Radio" just a few months ago. The first mission ought to be what I advocate below because it is the most non-partisan...thus,
strategically these will be the most workable mass media people empowerment ideas with which to launch the new Clean Energy Centered Economic Action Missions. USDA Rural Development Energy Programs WPR Radio - Cooperatives & Jobs

With the Democratic Party & everyone at every level advocating for a tax free Private Sector plan similar to what I am advocating, it will empower the public nationally & globally to finally gain critically important main-stream media access, and thus effectively & efficiently solve a multiplicity of our core global problems. When global economies fail everything of value will be lost; gun legislation and immigration reform will be lost efforts...we must prioritize our issues or our efforts will produce no real benefits.

Republicans are controlling the media issues with their accusation strategies, as long as their actions continue to dominate radio & television media everyone will lose and, their crushing austerity policies tend to strangle our nation's economic and jobs growth along with everyone's future below the top tier sector. NOW is the time to launch a people centered media based economic and jobs Organizing For Action plan, before it is too late...

OnPoint Radio - The Upward Mobility Study across America Audio Archive My call from Madison, WI was taken at 39-mins & 22 seconds, near the end of an interesting program...I explained, in brief, HOW one IDEA could considerably raise the level of upward economic mobility everywhere in America, & also globally.

President Obama will be speaking on the economy very soon - this is 07/23/13.
President Obama’s ‘Climate Action Plan’ - Video, and Your Children's Economic Future: Wednesday; 06/26/2013
TED Talk - Tim Jackson - "Economics Of Climate Change" This Video ought to be everywhere in Media
Jeremy Grantham, Cofounder & Chief Investment Strategist of Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo agrees totally with my Ideas Charlie Rose Interview of him on Bloomberg-TV Tremendously Insightful Interview concerning our future...
This is a link to "The Rachel Maddow Show" explaining part of how "Organizing For Action" will work. Here, I propose a somewhat different
"We The People," grassroots community level application, - solely funded within the Private Sector, but using that campaign structure to reach the people. Video should Start with Howard Fineman then Jonathan Alter. http://on-msn.com/UgmQ4o My ideas would "By-Pass congress," not spending excess time and money fighting them in an attempt to get energy based economic stimulation legislation passed.

This Work is primarily HOW we in the Private Sector utilizing "Organizing For Action," can Educate Inspire & Promote the ultra high ROI incorporated within Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy mission work.

Renewable energy systems will only work effectively to the extent that we 'first' get our buildings and their split system heating & air conditioning systems optimized to be as efficient as possible. That will take a 'reeducation' process conducted
by our political and community leaders through our mass communication systems, of everyone working within those energy sectors, along with the entire energy consuming public.

Extensive surveys have shown that a high percentage of our buildings are very energy inefficient and that even newly installed high efficiency split system heating and air conditioning systems average only around 65% of their rated Btuh Output; which means they are far from delivering efficient heating & cooling; we have to reeducate and test HVAC technicians to change that result.
I have been working in the HVAC field since the mid-1970's.
I believe we need effectively enforced installation and service energy efficiency code standards.

Going forward, our prioritized solely Private Sector national and global wise energy policy investments
will be our most critically important & effective global economic development empowering policy.

It amazes me that when we have a common critical mission of becoming clean energy independent of oil depletion price scenarios & climate change, that our political & media leaders do not know how we can easily show the people why they need to prioritize their investments toward energy efficiency, conservation, & clean renewable energy sources that have the very best multifaceted ROI & that will help sustain & improve the global economy for everybody within all countries.

We must educate & instruct the public at every level through the effective use of broadcasting merged with the Internet & also extend energy efficiency & renewable energy education to the global public and worldwide to as many high school students as possible. We can economically empower communities in America & throughout our world by focusing our media content on this critically important new global energy economic community development mission.

There are workable high investment return pathways to economic recoveries, budget deficit reductions & ultimately budget surpluses that benefit the poor, the middle class, & the wealthy.  WHY do you think you should be on-board toward preserving a livable future?

When we combine energy efficiency (EE), energy conservation (EC), & Renewable Energy (RE), along with tax increases on the wealthy, as this will raise enough revenue to launch a much needed infrastructure economic stimulus policy, which would then quadruple the multiplicity of cumulative economic benefits. WHY shouldn't all of us get involved in an all-out campaign mission to communicate the achieving of those valuable goals?

The combination of productive public & private sector investments that stimulate the economy & jobs while solving a multiplicity of other major problems that protect & preserve an economic future for humanities decedents ought to be considered a worthy goal we would all work together toward achieving.

We must have a major political party that pushes this agenda at every level so that the mainstream media covers, on an ongoing basis, these workable solution oriented economic policy ideas.

To move forward this critical mission to everyone's future, we will need the full participation of all forms of national & global mass media.

Tech-Shops are the latest innovative resource, that we need in every community, where every possible tech tool will be available to the public to use, including schools at all levels. I want everyone reading my pages to think about HOW we can use every available resource and innovation to empower people both nationally and worldwide. The tech-shops should also include 'rentable tools' to HVAC Contractors and others involved in critically important Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy sector work; we need technically skilled workers in these fields of economic and clean environment endeavors.

In many critical ways we are in a more perilous situation than at the beginning of WW2, the Pearl Harbor attack was on December 7th 1941, my 7th birthday was the next day. I remember how radio media and motion picture news reels were mobilized to motivate the immediate industrial transformation from producing automobiles to producing tanks, airplanes, battle ships, and guns of all types. Had that not happened we would have lost the war and our lives would be totally different.

Click the broadcasting link to the split-screen pages & click through the links to quickly get an overview of the core purpose of this web site's content. What is Broadcast Media content doing to help? Nothing much yet...!  GLOBAL ECONOMIC POLICIES |   The Real Political Issues | *click BROADCASTING & MASS MEDIA IDEAS - Split-screens
 Jane McGonigal - Imagine a world where every challenge is a quest — where the harder a task is, the more people want to do it. Where people take pleasure in failing and come back invigorated every time they fail. "Where they communicate spontaneously with their collaborators to pool their knowledge towards shared solutions." (Found: 11/24/12)

 She would make a great guest on any radio or television program.
 Watch this linked video below all the way through as it is worthy of your time.
 Jane McGonigal: "Gaming can make a better world -
Ideas Worth Spreading"
Click Earth the Operators Manual  Energy Quest USA - Kansas - Click KANSAS Video Segment 2nd- Baltimore 3rd, etc. Share Segments - PBS -by NSF National Science Foundation, played only once or twice, we must have 'ongoing' telephone call-in radio & TV programs with expert guests.
Powering the Planet Full Program PBS - SHARE these Videos
EARTH: The Operators Manual  A Full Video Program the PBS Page!
Our global economy 'will begin to collapse' when oil prices go up to 145 to 175 dollars a barrel, we must act now or that scenario, could too soon, become a reality...this will also reduce global warming and it's huge costs.

"Exxon Mobil Corp. is part of a growing coalition backing a carbon tax as an alternative to costly regulation, giving newfound prominence to an idea once anathema in Washington. …" “A carbon tax should be made revenue neutral via tax offsets in other areas” Kimberly Brasington

“Combined with further advances in energy efficiency and new technologies spurred by market innovation, a well-designed carbon tax could play a significant role in addressing the challenge of rising emissions,” Kimberly Brasington, a spokeswoman for the company, said in an e-mail. “A carbon tax should be made revenue neutral via tax offsets in other areas,” she added. - The Linked News Report

"Voters need to have this critical energy economically empowering information so they can decide which political party is best positioned to move forward this most critically important economic sustainability mission to their lives, of clean energy generation independence from fossil fuels."

The wealthy prosper as countries, states & local communities prosper, therefore, they ought to be motivated to do their part so their descendants will have a decent future. COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT Empowering Communities! Located this linked website: 10-18-12

Our fragile global economy is totally & critically dependent on affordable oil, diesel fuel & gasoline prices

Oil reserves are dwindling & it is getting very costly to drill for it, too soon, oil prices will reach an un-affordable level & the global economy will shut down unless, we have sufficient renewable power generation & energy efficient buildings to keep the wheels of commerce rolling!

If we do not act together very soon we will not have a viable economic future because nonrenewable fossil fuel prices will too soon be out of reach & the global economy would likely collapse.

  All elections need to be about truly Trans-formative Ideas that comport to our Private Sector economic stimulus & jobs objectives, with no tax burdens, but rather, increased tax revenues due to wise investment strategies that reduce budget deficits at all levels. Only our mass media has that resource capacity & reach to spread those people empowerment economic sustainability ideas.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a few minutes away from coordinating storm responses to announce his official endorsement of Obama for a second term, stating he would be the best one to take climate change seriously and spearhead regulations to tackle the problem.

 "Our climate is changing," Bloomberg wrote in an opinion article for Bloomberg View, a section of Bloomberg News. "And while the increase in extreme weather we have experienced in New York City and around the world may or may not be the result of it, the risk that it might be— given this week's devastation—should compel all elected leaders to take immediate action."

 Bloomberg certainly agrees with me; and I with him...

I finally did an Internet search on 11/10/12: new energy efficiency plus renewable energy jobs
Here is some data Democrats need to drive mass media coverage concerning initiating the new Private Sector's energy jobs economy:
NEW ENERGY NEWS ; ENVIRONMENTAL and ENERGY INSTITUTE ; The Vast Potential for Renewable Energy in the American West | President Obama; we need rgb(204, 204, 255); system of Public High Schools that prepare our citizens for a new cleaner
energy economic jobs era. We know that the countries that harness the power of optimal energy efficiency & clean, renewable energy will solve a multiplicity of major global economic problems!
Crude Oil Versus Diesel Fuel Prices

Beyond The Light Switch - Trailer We have 500 coal fired electrical power generating plants that will eventually have to be converted or shut down. Why no election debate questions, or media discussions, on these critically important national & global issues?
NEED TO KNOW ON PBS - The Power of the Sun Many good Energy Videos
NRDC High Gas Prices: Supply, Demand and the Oil Industry’s Monopoly..."play the Videos" - We cannot  begin to ever meet our oil demand requirements...concerning U.S. oil production discussed in the 2nd presidential debate (10/16/12).

Those new energy sector opportunities will be made possible only when our mass communications system begins to focus on delivering content that the public can put to practical use solving our energy cost, climate & economic problems by all of us in the private sector working together on an on-going basis.

We must have Prioritized Media Information Content that we can all put to practical use in our lives, the higher the critically important utility value of the content the better. You can corner a much larger portion of the audience by providing useful value, not merely worthless, useless, political horse-race waste of time rubbish that divides our people...we need ideas & policies that unite us in common efforts to rebuild a sound economy & clean renewable energy sourced sustainable base.

If we want people nationally & globally to work together to reduce fossil fuel energy use, then we have to explain HOW we can all be the central part of the economy & energy cost solutions &, how & why, we will all profit greatly by immediately being actively involved in this emergency mission to save & sustain our national & global economies. Unless we work together to do the above & prioritize our investments, our global economy will shut-down due too un-affordable oil prices.

During WW2 everyone bought WAR BONDS to fund the war effort; therefore, now those with lots of money also including community oriented banks could issue very low interest rate economic recovery mid to short-term bonds that anyone could buy to help make money available to fund home & small business energy efficiency & renewable energy upgrades; again at NO cost to tax payers while greatly increasing tax revenues & thus reducing deficits.

Going forward, will the following ideas be a  Political Party's Private Sector energy economic sector policies with which to stabilize and kick-start the economy, jobs, PLUS tax revenues, with which to begin our job ready infrastructure initiatives.

All elected representatives running for election need to propose these Private Sector economic & jobs stimulating ideas so that the mass communication media will cover this economic worldwide people empowerment work toward achieving
affordable, sustainable, clean global energy resources which would help resolve all our major down-side economic problems and thus promote the common sustainable wealth of all nations.

Regardless of recent claims, Energy Independence & a sufficient lowering of energy costs will not happen without all-out global political action coupled with a broadcasting educational effort explaining how that goal can be pro-actively achieved to the benefit of everyone.

The workable ideas that begin to solve our major global problems have to be searched for, discovered, & then revealed to the world via our global communication systems. Those extremely valuable actionable ideas will be worthless & useless, unless those ideas are searched for & then revealed to the world by those with access to mainstream media...those ideas must illustrate why & how those ideas will solve a multiplicity of our critical problems simultaneously. The best ideas do not involve hardship sacrifices but rather result in mutual benefits for everyone that puts them to work.

This is the Vision I have for the Democratic Part & for broadcasting's role in helping to create this new Trans-formative wealth producing global energy 'communication Action' economy. This Private Sector Tax Free renewable & energy efficiency educational science & technology needs to be pro-actively disseminated by broadcasting throughout the world & taught in all schools at tuition free levels worldwide. Occupy The Media; get aboard... (Refresh/Reload this page each visit.)

Global & local media have an important first priority mission to help us educate the public on the critical importance of having a first order investments in energy efficiency & renewable energy, along with effective energy conservation practices. The existing scenario is that everyone invests in stock markets & ignores their critical first priority energy investments, energy costs could skyrocket collapsing the global economy & their stock market investments would vanish. Had they first invested in the new energy economy, their cost of energy would have gone down & their lesser priority stock market & other investments would have been protected.

Thus far, there has been NO trace of a coordinated cooperative political & media effort to achieve that level of education and commitment, without which our global economy could fail humanity and countless human beings could suffer horrific economic losses.

My economic policies are the opposite of those failed Wall Street & financial sector policies; mine functions solely within the private sector using a small amount of the available 3.6 trillion dollars in that sector.
It does not depend on loans that don’t have a sure way of payback; any needed loans will be small sourced micro loans that will be amortized over time so energy savings pays for the loans, those small loans will never need backing by the tax payer.
However, there is NO coverage or use of my policy ideas by the Democrats or by the media!
My day & night journalism mission is to protect the future lives of all forth-coming generations against all possible Life threats, including the horrendous Threat of un-affordable Oil Prices & Global Warming - Climate Change.

Our "Sins of Omission" can be the most costly to the life of those yet to be born.

If you are truly for "Right to Life & Pro Life as I am," then you will accept the scientific consensus that global warming - climate change will threaten the lives of your descendants &, that we must act immediately to abate that global warming - climate change threat to their lives.

 My friend the Late Richard “Bud” Martin has 21 grandchildren & 15 great grand children who's lives will be compromised if we do not take all-out actions NOW to abate the un-affordable rise of Oil Prices & climate change due to global warming; “yet there is little or no mention of these life threatening realities in political debates or in the media.”

This reality has the potential to destroy the future lives of billions of forth-coming generations. This horrific "Sin of Omission" could become our most costly & devastating Human Right to Life “SIN.”
Video: Agenda for a New Economy by David Korten -Just found it; 08/01/12 been published for years where's MEDIA BEEN? This is what I've been talking about; nothing happens if the Democrats don't champion it in the MEDIA; David Korten Needs to be weekly on PBS.
Democrats have to champion these ideas so the mainstream media will cover them & thus educate the public...
What is Climate Change? A short video

WPR The Ideas Network Program Schedules
- looking for a new hour program on weekdays- Energy environment economic -contact the Hosts on Facebook
WPR The Ideas Network 07/17/12 - GUESTS:
Christopher Field - founding director of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University and co-chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group II
Maggie L. Fox - President & CEO of the Climate Reality Project

First, it is essential that we view in "scientific terms" Global Warming - Climate Change & rising energy costs and economic crisis that will in the future confront all of us: Found 03/05/12 THE CONVERGENCE OF COMMUNICATIONS & ENERGY Jeremy Rifkin on, "Global Issues and the Future of our Planet" - A world changing video about everyone's energy and economic future, by Jeremy Rifkin. What kind of economic & quality of life future do you want for your children & great grandchildren? Vote for Communicating with Wisdom!

WPR The Ideas Network (06/27/12), Guest: George Stone, Instructor of Natural Science at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. He is the co-founder and chair of the Green Energy Summit in Milwaukee.
 AUDIO PLAYER This program gets real interesting - I get a couple words in at the very end... 

Additionally, homes worldwide are only around 50% energy efficient that can be Private Sector changed while greatly improving all economies. Democrats can take back majority governing with this private sector energy efficiency & renewable energy future of lower cost affordable energy.

The economic wellbeing of nearly all rural economies is directly dependent on 'affordable' diesel fuel to power farmer's tractors & other diesel powered machinery. Broadcaster's, help us save our rural economies. Why Our Food is So Dependent on Oil
INVESTIGATIVE Reporting Workshop - American University School of Communication

Jeremy Rifkin on Occupy: the upcoming third industrial revolution needs a new economic vision - Occupy!
If you want a decent Energy & Economic FUTURE for YOUR CHILDREN, I'd

I believe it is because I asked broadcasting to perform its public interest, convenience & necessity responsibilities & duties to its own economic interests' & to our national & global economic interests' that, I am being continuously screened off from reporting these future UN-affordable energy cost realities, if we don't act cooperatively together, we could face a collapsed austere global economy in the not too distant future.

This is only the beginning of the Vision I, & I believe Occupy media, have for broadcasting's role in helping to create this most needed new clean global energy economy.

Putting into action this new renewable & energy efficiency science is virtually our only hope for a decent global economic future.

Only one element of Wisdom, of countless many, involves the discerning of the differing levels of
value, for example, the content values of our national and global mass communications, especially that of broadcasting. The level of your wisdom is demonstrated by the level of your ability to discern value levels of the content that we communicate and, then take action toward fully optimizing those latent content values that ought to reside within this horribly misused resource example.

Energy Efficiency Building Performance Audits represent the key-cornerstone on which all energy efficiency reductions in that field are dependent, without which there will be very little progress. Therefore, these energy sector job skill-sets have to be a critical part of high school curriculum so students can step from H.S. into their own business world of economic opportunity. Within property tax funded school districts, we need 'existing' HVAC adult workforce "Best Practices" skill training classes that also incorporate Energy Efficiency Building Performance Audits, room by room heat-gain heat-loss calculations, along with needed ductwork air flow skill training. The survey evidence proves the overwhelming need for existing workforce training. College Vo-tech programs cannot begin to meet the education and training demand in these critical energy economy fields!

The utility value qualities of our mass
communication media content determines the direction of our economies and the quality of our 7 billion human lives. Our global media resources have the potential to inspire, teach, instruct, and motivate us to achieve high purposed economic based goals that lift our lives to higher levels of existence. Media is the most powerful force toward designing and redesigning the kind of future we will have and the quality levels of our lives.

Over the air broadcasting frequencies are a public owned communications utility. The key question is: should this public owned communications utility have a dedicated public purposed common thread woven into its programming content? The answer to that question will determine our future destiny.
Our mass communication media has to present the clean air & energy efficiency economic ideas for discussion, and then, they can be implemented toward rebooting the economy and reducing the horrendous costly catastrophes of future climate change

I get 6 over the air public TV channels 3 from WI WPT & 3 from IA IPTV, the vast majority of the adult programming is rather useless content with scant little energy economic 'useful' educational & instructional content in these disparately needed areas to which I speak; what a horrific shame. We the people directly support public radio & television along with our tax support; yet what do we get for our money, virtually nothing we can put to valuable use to improve the economy and create jobs. What they could do is unlimited and far beyond what you'd imagine they could do for our economy and job creation. What a horrible waste of our most valuable resource...

We need Consumer Energy Efficiency Education (CEEE) Public Television content toward rebooting our energy efficiency economy and jobs; not endless useless program content.

This work focuses on how all of us, with the effective use of global media, can effectively participate in a more rapid revitalization of our homeland and global economies. This will be the most enjoyable and satisfying media and economic revitalization movement you could ever be involved in. We need to move forward in time, not backward, rehashing history will not move us forward; we need your help and participation.

This work is also in the self economic interest of commercial broadcasting and print mass media.
Advertising gets results only when consumers have money to spend... the same goes for  public radio & television sponsorship & membership drives... the private sector financed economic stimulus that I advocate means job security & sustainable income wealth for all of you in this media industry. This multifaceted idea strategy will also help stabilize the global stock markets and their economies.

It always comes down to how we utilize resources with the most potential to locate and disseminate the ideas that have legitimate potential to simultaneously solve our economic, jobs, energy, and costly global warming problems. These multifaceted economic solution based ideas reduce a major factor, our huge trade deficit by reducing oil imports.

Above all else, any Private Sector economic jobs solution based idea, to be of mega-level-value, must inspire global action. In order to effect constructive beneficial change our world leaders in government and mass media must be inspirational communicators in ways that motivate positive national and global actions.

Though President Obama has been working on it, America has had NO working "Private Sector National jobs creating and wage increasing strategy," all we have in DC are negative political party media oriented wars in their fight to gain power. I have been unveiling a Private Sector national & global economic activity jobs creating and wage increasing strategy that mass media & everyone can participate in.

There are many ways media can inspire and motivate those with Private-Sector money to invest in safe, high return, energy efficiency investments that stimulate real demand, while achieving
energy self-sufficiency, "greatly reducing our deficit creating trade deficit," reducing the radical weather change costs and greatly reducing the countless pollution caused costly damages, including health costs.

This multifaceted idea equation when widely disseminated will yield tremendous benefit "Returns On Investments" in every economic arena beneficial to human health, reducing climate change, improving standards of living and quality of life. Computer generated math equations and chart modeling will illustrate those ROI benefits.

Why does our powerful mass media and our powerful private-sector with 2.5-Trillion dollars to spend/invest falsely believethey’re both powerless to reboot the economy and jobs?

Is it because the entire media focus is solely on a deadlocked congress & our president as the only source to take action to restore economic activity normalcy and job creation? All we get from most media is
POLITICAL analysis paralysis & NO Multifaceted Solution Oriented Ideas or, the needed democratically-open tel-talk brain-storming broadcast programs. Rush Limbaugh's broadcast rants are the antithesis of what is required; as are also the vast majority of public television's offerings, they do not meet the criterion of possessing highly usable utility oriented content.

To all Democrats; mitigating this climate warming & rising oil price costs situation &, what it means to the economic & quality of life & living to your children & grandchildren is your winning issue, hammer it home in every election!

#1; We need to teach those Home Energy Efficiency Auditing heat-gain/heat-loss calculations & RENEWABLE Energy knowledge skills in High school, especially where there are minority school district board members, this will put High School grads to work doing what has to be accomplished immediately, - to save our present & future economy. These are science & physics based courses & are not difficult courses, they don't even require algebra, just simple math equations.

We pay high property taxes to have them "taught something besides ancient history," they need to also master infrared thermography and blower door & duct blaster applications, so they can start their own business or step from high school into these gravely needed energy based job skill arenas. The question, "What can we do about poverty other than government handouts was never answered," - could have asked me.(?)

Tommy Thompson's & the Republican's core energy policy weakness is their insistence on merely drilling deeper, I.E., a record 10,000 feet deep for Oil, then fracking, - then building an oil pipeline to Houston where our oil can be shipped on the world market to other countries.

Their policies would put future oil prices at an absolute risk of going above the price level that would collapse America's & the global economy. "We can't afford to vote for that horrific energy policy economic catastrophe."

A vote for President Obama and Tammy Baldwin, actually, a strait Democratic ticket is a vote for a  "Private Sector investment funded," clean energy based self-sufficient economically stable future.
What is the Potential VALUE of Finding and Disseminating Globally, IDEAS that Solve Major Global Energy & Economic Problems?
Only by locating and implementing the right ideas will we reboot the global economy & simultaneously do a host of other critically important things.

The question is, how do we find these ideas and disseminate them globally through the existing conventional Mass Communications system.

We must establish news media that search the Internet and every possible source for these exceptional ideas with fantastic global potential to solve major global problems.

Well, how does the news of the winner of the pro-football Super Bowl get disseminated globally? A couple major global news dissemination sources are the AP, and UPI, if they can cover sports they can cover ideas that have the potential to revive the global economy and simultaneously solve other related major costly global problems; some of which are listed elsewhere on this page.

There are unlimited ways to get the idea alerts on every broadcast station and network using Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). There are many media entities that can act as hubs, NPR, PBS, MSNBC, Free Speech TV, link TV, CNN, university channels and networks, the broadcast networks, and so forth.

"The National Association of Broadcasters is the voice for the nation's radio and television broadcasters. The NAB advances the interests of its members in federal government, industry, and public affairs; improves the quality and profitability of broadcasting; encourages content and technology innovation and spotlights the important and unique ways stations serve their communities." statement of the NAB.

30 Organizations Dedicated to Keeping Journalism Great

Satellite news talk stations could also act as hubs to alert the pubic and do stories and debate the ideas while graphically illustrating how these energy efficiency and wage increasing goals can be achieved & what they will mean to our global energy future & everyone's economic future.

We have the global communications resources, all we have to do is to begin to use them in very productive ways.

The difference between Right or Wrong Policymaking "can be Trillions of dollars difference, along with a total "C-Change" in the quality of our lives."

The wisdom based approach concerning the global economic & job crisis has to be focused on all the available resources whether, human, material or spiritual; not as they are being used now but rather, as they could be used when that resource potential is fully developed & applied to solve the economic/jobs & lack of Consumer Demand Crisis.

A new rightly directed high utility value mass media content focus on economic energy sector jobs creation will jump-start economy.
All broadcast media ought to be focused on former MI governor Jennifer Granholm's discussion of the new energy sectors gigantic jobs creation potential. Ms. Granholm's UCTV excellent high utility value Video presentation on
Cracking the Codes: Creating Jobs in America This Video needs to be on Public TV & C-Span.

We have to have every sector of our national state & local media, along with our various federal, state & local governments on board with an all out focus on targeted spending & investments that jump starts America's global manufacturing competitiveness.
This is where it all starts & it expands globally to create over 6 Trillion of dollars of investment & 30 million jobs; "we need a large piece of that pie in America." Jennifer Granholm

I just watched President Obama's Jobs Speech. Thursday, 09-08-11

This national, state & local media economic creation focused plan will produce the targeted spending, & thus generate the tax revenue needed to carry out President Obama's upcoming aggressive government, "American Jobs Act." Which the Republican's reject...

This comprehensive proactive plan will have the full confidence & active participation of those in the private sector where resides 2.5 Trillion Dollars to spend & invest with Wisdom, empowering every dimension of our economy.

The outlined strategy on these pages illustrates how Media will By-Pass GOP House & provide the Jobs & Tax Revenue needed to reduce deficits, growing the economy & jobs." This provides the profitability incentives for those with money to spend it in energy efficiency areas of the economy.

The money multiplier effect kicks-in & the economy takes off  like a
Rocket to Mars...

We are in serious need of home & small business energy efficiency auditors & competent energy efficiency oriented HVAC technicians, high schools need to provide that seriously needed educational training to provide job ready high school graduates.

The Ideas Network of WPR Job Skills Program An Excellent streaming audio program that illustrates the tremendous need for a media focus on solving our economic and jobs problems. Toward becoming more Energy Efficient, nearly every home and small business building needs an Energy Efficiency Audit before anything else is performed to improve efficiency - APPLIED physics, science and math...in HVAC & Rating EE.


Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy Sectors Represent the Vital Keys to the Security and Prosperity for all Nations and the Majority of their People

Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy Sector Industries have the potential to Spur the Rebuilding of our National and Global Economies

The most important National Security and Defense policy path direction toward the achievement of worldwide peace and prosperity involves the worldwide development and full utilization of energy conservation efficiency initiatives, along with renewable energy. These industries represent a sleeping economic development giant and are the forefront of the New Economy! Renewable energy resources represent a sleeping giant with unlimited potential to transform economies and our living communities on a worldwide basis back to sustainable quality of life environments.

There is no other technology arena that has the potential to do more to produce optimal levels of sustainable prosperity and to improve the quality of life for every world citizen than does the fullest development of nonpolluting renewable energy industry resources. We will be enabled on a worldwide basis by utilizing renewable energy technologies to increase the production of energy without producing toxic pollution. This will be coupled with utilizing all possible forms of recycling, with the use of renewable energy resources, that can reduce the unnecessary using up of our scarce—precious resources.

This is, along with Global Economic Policy Reforms, the most important public policy initiative of the new millennium because it has the potential to make every country, every industry, every family and every individual capable of producing all of their own energy needs. This is why we need investment capital and targeted policy initiative incentive based tax cuts to launch this new revolutionary industry, rather than across the board tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy class interest.

Yes, each individual, family, farm, and each industry can be totally self sufficient by generating their own nonpolluting energy resources. The potential for economic expansion nationally and globally is mind boggling and solves the most fundamental quality of life issues facing the global community in this new millennium.

The conservation of energy is also a potential savior of our economy & jobs, along with its pollution abatement benefit.

Broadcasting and all Mass Media have the People Empowerment Resource Capabilities to do, - what an American President & Congress can never do alone! 

Without their help & the coordinated action of local government working with the private sector, - economic & Jobs creation recovery won't happen.

Broadcasting has the hidden resource potential to Reboot the Economy, Jobs & needed tax revenues.

I will not go into all the obvious details of how our public & private sector has us in this gigantic debt ridden economic situation.

America’s giant deficits & national debt has put the dollar as the global Reserve Currency in jeopardy. If the dollar loses this Reserve Currency Status its value will drop & everything we buy will require a lot more dollars. The dollar is no longer backed by gold; it is backed by a government currency printing press.

I will not go into how bad that could get, but rather will explain how every sector & segment of our country must work together to reboot our economy & jobs which will increase the needed tax revenues.

WW2 was the classic example of the united cooperation that has to take place.
America was not yet out of the horrible economic depression of the 1930s when every sector of our country had to mobilize to fight effectively a world war. 

Every sector of the media cooperated, government war bonds were sold to the public, and nearly everything was rationed. Women were trained to work in factories manufacturing tanks, ships, and airplanes.

There was NO uncooperative division; everyone did their part so our military would have a chance to be victorious against the ruthless aggressors.

We are in a similar serious situation now, which will require the same cooperative effort to reboot the economy, jobs, & to generate the needed tax revenues.

  All broadcasters need to work cooperatively together with all of us to reboot the economy, or other countries will lose confidence in America’s economy and might begin a downfall of our economy that we could be helpless to stop.

Our Economic Future & Homeland Security is at Stake; everyone needs to do their part to save America's economic future.

I can provide the detailed pathway, after you hear all the mutual win/win details, you are totally free to choose to act, unite and create wealth or, do nothing and risk losing trillions of dollars of wealth...
I have a long lifetime of serving & working in those areas of expertise that are essential to the realization of these goals.

By greatly reducing global fossil fuel Oil usage we can simultaneously reduce most country’s foreign trade deficits, cleanup our global environment while reducing the future massive costs of global warming, and simultaneously reducing those unnecessary related health costs.

The private sector economic stimulation will greatly increase tax revenues so that some critical public infrastructure work can be performed, further helping the national & global economies & jobs to fully recover.

All of this is in the economic extreme self-interest of the entire global media industry; that includes public radio & television.

Darrell Udelhoven
Economic Energy Efficiency & Media Consultant
The "Wisdom-Based Principle of JUSTICE, LOVE & EMPATHY" in all decisions & policymaking, is the key to promoting on a worldwide basis, "Universal Peace, Mutual Wellbeing and Commonwealth."  - udarrell


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I found this new Video confirmation today of my mass communication ideas, 03/05/12; VIEW ALL of this New VIDEO:
a world changing video about everyone's future, by Jeremy Rifkin View this Video, it opens a future of unlimited economic opportunities...
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Organizing For Action (OFA) - for many reasons, implementing these ideas is the best use of OFA

Transformative private sector ideas that empower people but that have NO access to Political Party Leaders will have NO access to our mainstream broadcast & print media; therefore, those IDEAS will not be enabled to empower people to help save our economies & a clean energy climate future.
We need a new local community capital investment policy that provides money for both the service provider & the consumer energy investor toward Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy Enterprises.

Trillions of Dollars difference between Right & wrong policies

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